Cafes and Tearooms

Us Brits are renowned for our tea drinking predilections, but if the stats are to be believed, we are also a nation of habitual coffee drinkers too. There are approximately 24,000 coffee shops in the uk[source], with 7,000+ (28% of the market) estimated to be independent[source]. Over the past three years cafes and tearooms have overall been in the top five fastest growing retail categories, with the industry pouring in a total of £9.6 billion into the UK economy [source]

Cafes and tearooms experienced bumper growth between 2016 to 2017; the net number openings increasing by an enormous 46% [source]. This was the largest number of net openings out of any category in that year. Although the number of openings has slowed in the last year, these statistics represents a wider trend over 10 years with the number of coffee shops increasing by 140%[source]. Although the average person drinks 676 cups of coffee per year[source], tea drinking is on the rise too with 24-35 year olds as the beverage’s biggest growing consumer demographic[source].


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